Geauga County

Medical Reserve Corps

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To become a Geauga County MRC Volunteer, please register on the Ohio MRC website to ensure that you are recognized by the state as an MRC volunteer and allow for enhanced liability coverage during a disaster. You are not required to provide volunteer services outside of Geauga County; however, you can choose to assist within your county, region, state, and/or nation on the Ohio MRC application. The Ohio MRC volunteer application takes approximately 5-10 minutes to complete.

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The mission of the Ohio Medical Reserve Corps (OMRC) is to establish teams of local volunteer medical and public health professionals who can contribute their skills and expertise throughout the year as well as during times of community need.

  • MRC units are made of locally based, medical and public health volunteers who can assist their communities during emergencies, such as an influenza epidemic, a chemical spill, or an act of terrorism.
  • MRC volunteers also offer education and prevention services to improve the public health infrastructure of their neighborhoods.

September 11, 2001 taught us that we must be prepared for worst case scenarios. To answer these threats, we need medical professionals, who are critical component of the emergency response plan.

Register Today as a New Volunteer