Geauga County

Medical Reserve Corps

MRC Core Competencies

The Office of the U.S. Surgeon General created a listing of recommended trainings for MRC members called the Medical Reserve Corps Core Competencies Matrix. This guide suggests trainings and tools that should be completed by all volunteers at the local level, regardless of credentials or certifications.

Below are the specific competencies that all MRC members should fulfill. View the Core Competencies Matrix for suggestions on fulfilling those competencies. Many of the required trainings are available online.

  • Describe the procedures and steps necessary for the MRC member to protect health, safety, and well-being of themselves, their families, their team, and their community.
  • Describe the impact of the event on the health of the MRC member, their family, team, and others.
  • Describe the MRC member's communication role(s) and processes with response partners, media, community, and others.
  • Demonstrate the MRC member's ability to follow procedures for assignment, activation, reporting, and deactivation.
  • Identify limits to own skills, knowledge, and abilities as they pertain to MRC role(s).
  • Describe the chain of command (e.g. Emergency Management System, ICS, NIMS), the integration of the MRC, and its application to the given incident.
  • Describe the role of the local MRC unit in public health and/or emergency response and its applications to the given incident.